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In the 1970s, Pakistan International Airlines pioneered the express delivery of shipments across Pakistan. The Air Express service delivered documents and parcels from one airport to another, ushering in the dawn of the courier industry in Pakistan.

In 2003, PIA expanded the scope of Air Express and launched a full-fledged courier service, and PIA Speedex was born. Initially serving Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, PIA Speedex grew rapidly and another 12 major cities were added to the network. Today, PIA Speedex offers premium courier services in 70 cities across Pakistan, and shipments are collected from and delivered to the doorsteps of our customers.

Capitalizing on PIA's cutting-edge information technology infrastructure, PIA Speedex pioneered the online tracking and tracing of shipments in Pakistan, enabling customers to track the status of their parcels at each transit point, until delivery. A range of delivery options also catapulted PIA Speedex to the position of a credible and reliable industry leader, giving customers flexibility and choice at highly affordable rates.


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